Chem-Dry vs. Steam Cleaning

South Shore Chem-Dry vs. Steam Cleaners in Duxbury, MA



Compare the Difference!

We all remember the days of getting our carpets cleaned, only to have to wait for days for the damp carpets to dry? Then, after they dried, you realized your clean carpets were dirty soon after? Well say goodbye to long waits and hello to cleaner carpets! 

Here in Duxbury, we at South Shore Chem-dry offer a different solution that the standard steam cleaning. We apply our exclusive carbonated cleaner using a low pressure spray machine. This coats your carpet in millions of microscopic carbonated cleaning bubbles. The carbonation causes the dirt and allergens to lift from your carpet fibers to the surface, where our trained professionals quickly extract them.

Also, our carpet cleaning system uses 80% less water than a standard steam carpet cleaning company.

Additionally our system uses 80% less water than a standard steam cleaner.

Best of all our system uses a safe green certified solution so you never need to worry about chemicals from our cleaning causing injury to your family or pets.

We offer you a healthier, quicker, and cleaner cleaning experience!

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The Difference Between Chem-Dry and Steam Cleaning

South Shore Chem-Dry Power HeadSouth Shore Chem-Dry (Hot Carbonation Process)
  • Carbonating, active cleaning solution
  • Neutral pH cleaning solution
  • Resists resoiling
  • Low water quantiy
  • Low pressure application
  • Short drying time
  • Green solutions and cleaning method
Steam Cleaners Head Steam Cleaners in Duxbury, MA (Hot Water Extraction)
  • Flat, inactive cleaning solution
  • High pH cleaning solution
  • Encourages resoiling
  • High water quantity
  • High pressure application
  • Long drying times
  • Harsh chemicals, excessive water