Area Rug Care

Basic Rug Care

Area rugs make a nice accent to any room in the home, but especially hallways and entryways. This results in a great deal of foot traffic and wear on your rugs and carpet! Don't spend time worrying about heirloom pieces and the need to buy new floor covers - Call South Shore Chem-Dry today to find out how we can turn a well-trafficked runner into a good-as-new statement piece.
Duxbury Area Rug Cleaning

Keep your area rugs looking fresh and your guest will admire your taste! Often, an area rug is the focus of a room because of its grandeur or unique design. You don't want it to detract from your beautiful home with it's high traffic spots and unsightly stains. South Shore Chem-Dry offers premier spot remover and area rug cleaning solutions designed to clean your rugs and prevent further wear and tear.
Area rugs will need to be cleaned just as often as your carpets. They can hold bacteria and grime that spreads through the rug fibers, making it unsafe for children or pets to crawl and play. Take care of your family by ensuring a safe, clean environment for them.

Having a clean home is a top priority. Trust the South Shore Chem-Dry technicians to deliver prime results that not only keep your home clean and fresh, but are more efficient and affordable! Our services help you with your contribution to a clean environment by keeping your home free of toxins and dirty floors. Call today to speak with a South Shore Chem-Dry representative that can explain our process and how to get the best clean for your home.